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Protaras Restaurants

  • Alati By The Sea
    Alati By The Sea Cyprus
  • Anatolia Family Restaurant
    Anatolia Family Restaurant Cyprus
  • Andama Restaurant
    Andama Restaurant Cyprus
  • Anemos Restaurant
    Anemos Restaurant Cyprus
  • Astoria Meze House
    Astoria Meze House Cyprus
  • Blue Spice Restaurant
    Blue Spice Restaurant Cyprus
  • China House
    China House Cyprus
  • Chrystalla Restaurant
    Chrystalla Restaurant Cyprus
  • Cpi Tower House
    Cpi Tower House Cyprus
  • Da Sonia Restaurant
    Da Sonia Restaurant Cyprus
  • Davidos Restaurant
    Davidos Restaurant Cyprus
  • Diva Restaurant
    Diva Restaurant Cyprus
  • Diva Restaurant
    Diva Restaurant Cyprus
  • El Chico Mexican Restaurante
    El Chico Mexican Restaurante Cyprus
  • El Greco Restaurant
    El Greco Restaurant Cyprus
  • Erato Restaurant
    Erato Restaurant Cyprus
  • Evalena Restaurant
    Evalena Restaurant Cyprus
  • Flamingo Restaurant
    Flamingo Restaurant Cyprus
  • Flamingo Restaurant
    Flamingo Restaurant Cyprus
  • Fresh House Restaurant & Bar
    Fresh House Restaurant & Bar Cyprus
  • Ganga Indian Restaurant
    Ganga Indian Restaurant Cyprus
  • Georgia Steak House Restaurant
    Georgia Steak House Restaurant Cyprus
  • H Kaluba Tou Thoma Restaurant
    H Kaluba Tou Thoma Restaurant Cyprus
  • Hippo Campus
    Hippo Campus Cyprus
  • Il Basilico Ristorante Italiano Pizzaria
    Il Basilico Ristorante Italiano Pizzaria Cyprus
  • Il Cavaliere Ristorante Italiano
    Il Cavaliere Ristorante Italiano Cyprus
  • Island Affair Restaurant
    Island Affair Restaurant Cyprus
  • Island Affair Restaurant
    Island Affair Restaurant Cyprus
  • Kalamies Restaurant Snack Bar
    Kalamies Restaurant Snack Bar Cyprus
  • Kamakura Japanese Restaurant
    Kamakura Japanese Restaurant Cyprus
  • Knights Pub & Restaurant
    Knights Pub & Restaurant Cyprus
  • La Cultura Del Gusto
    La Cultura Del Gusto Cyprus
  • Malthouse
    Malthouse Cyprus
  • Mandali Restaurant
    Mandali Restaurant Cyprus
  • Mandarin Chinese Restaurant
    Mandarin Chinese Restaurant Cyprus
  • Mexican Restaurant
    Mexican Restaurant Cyprus
  • Mikrolimano
    Mikrolimano Cyprus
  • Mochel Restaurant
    Mochel Restaurant Cyprus
  • Molti Restaurant Bar
    Molti Restaurant Bar Cyprus
  • Nameless
    Nameless Cyprus
  • Nautilus Trattoria Italiana
    Nautilus Trattoria Italiana Cyprus
  • Nissiotis Restaurant
    Nissiotis Restaurant Cyprus
  • Noufaro Fish & Meat Meze Restaurant
    Noufaro Fish & Meat Meze Restaurant Cyprus
  • Olympus Restaurant
    Olympus Restaurant Cyprus
  • Olympus Restaurant Steak House
    Olympus Restaurant Steak House Cyprus
  • Oscar Restaurant
    Oscar Restaurant Cyprus
  • Paladela Steak House
    Paladela Steak House Cyprus
  • Parko Cafe Restaurant
    Parko Cafe Restaurant Cyprus
  • Pinia Restaurant Meze House
    Pinia Restaurant Meze House Cyprus
  • Pizza Hut
    Pizza Hut Cyprus
  • Pizza Hut
    Pizza Hut Cyprus
  • Pola Costa Restaurant
    Pola Costa Restaurant Cyprus
  • Porkys Restaurant Cafeterian
    Porkys Restaurant Cafeterian Cyprus
  • Poseidonio Restaurant
    Poseidonio Restaurant Cyprus
  • Prince Restaurant
    Prince Restaurant Cyprus
  • Promessa Italian Restaurant
    Promessa Italian Restaurant Cyprus
  • Promise Restaurant
    Promise Restaurant Cyprus
  • Raj India Restaurant
    Raj India Restaurant Cyprus
  • Red India Restaurant
    Red India Restaurant Cyprus
  • Rocks Restaurant
    Rocks Restaurant Cyprus
  • Santorini Gardens Restaurant
    Santorini Gardens Restaurant Cyprus
  • Silver Sands Restaurant
    Silver Sands Restaurant Cyprus
  • Sizzler Steak Flambe House
    Sizzler Steak Flambe House Cyprus
  • Socrates Restaurant
    Socrates Restaurant Cyprus
  • Sofa Sofa Bar Restaurant
    Sofa Sofa Bar Restaurant Cyprus
  • Steel Phoenix Restaurant
    Steel Phoenix Restaurant Cyprus
  • Steens Bar Restaurant
    Steens Bar Restaurant Cyprus
  • Super S Restaurant
    Super S Restaurant Cyprus
  • Taste Of Cyprus Steak & Ale
    Taste Of Cyprus Steak & Ale Cyprus
  • The Brewery Bar & Restaurant
    The Brewery  Bar & Restaurant Cyprus
  • The Corner Restaurant Flambe
    The Corner Restaurant Flambe Cyprus
  • The Greenery
    The Greenery Cyprus
  • The Point Cafe Bar & Greek Restaurant
    The Point Cafe Bar & Greek Restaurant Cyprus
  • Tropical Restaurant Pub
    Tropical Restaurant Pub Cyprus
  • Wan Chai Chinese Restaurant
    Wan Chai Chinese Restaurant Cyprus
  • Windmills Restaurant
    Windmills Restaurant Cyprus
  • Yianna Marie Restaurant Taverna
    Yianna Marie Restaurant Taverna Cyprus
  • Zucchinis Mediterranean & Local
    Zucchinis Mediterranean & Local Cyprus
  • Zucchinis Restaurant Bar
    Zucchinis Restaurant Bar Cyprus
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